About the Author


Lee used to take his Bette Midler records to preschool for show-and-tell.

Old movies have always curled Lee’s socks, and he is constantly expanding his home library in San Francisco with any used DVD he can find. During a span of about four days, a number of unrelated people told him he should start a blog about old movies since apparently he “lights up” when discussing Bette Davis’s cigarette or Katharine Hepburn’s . . . well . . . everything.

Having dropped out of the only Film Studies class he ever enrolled in, he has a unique perspective to offer here that some will enjoy, and others dismiss. He hopes readers of all backgrounds get something out of the blog, if nothing else, a good laugh with or at him . . .

  1. Hana Ivanhoe says:

    Lee is amazing. He knows more about movies than anyone I know and a lot about life in general! Everyone could benefit from a bit of his advice about both.


  2. JM says:

    I love that you started with taking Bette Midler to preschool!


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