At the age of three, I knew I was blessed with old taste. When I was a kid, the family would gather after dinner to watch old episodes of Soap, a brilliant TV show from the late 1970s, created by the same woman who later favored us with The Golden Girls.  As my sister and I moved backwards and earlier than our precious Soap, naturally my parents introduced me to I Love Lucy, All in the Family, and countless others, whetting my appetite for anything that was created before I was.


As luck and VCRs would have it, the backwards journey into entertainment took me into film as well. The look, the sound, the costumes, and the “nice and slow” pace of old movies all hypnotized me. The smell I imagined of the endless martinis and cigarettes was enough to draw me into the classic world in which I wanted to live, health risks aside.


As the years went by and I began to understand the lines I had committed to memory, my love and appreciation for a time that has since gone with the wind grew along with me. My intention here is not only to explore why the world of classic film sparks such a specified type of happiness within me but also see how many sparks out there I can light.  


Naturally I started my journey where so many others have, but over the years, I’ve discovered this is also exactly where so many stopped. The end of the Yellow Brick Road was the gateway into classic film for me; an Emerald City of my very own, full of curtains I wanted to look behind… … …here we go!


  1. Becky says:

    What a great beginning! I can’t wait to hear more thoughts from childhood and insights into some great oldies. Any Errol Flynn on the horizon?


  2. JM says:

    Loved the new entry, especially the combination of your personal memories combined with thougths about the movie!


  3. Drew says:

    I have put this in my bookmarks and can’t wait for the first goodies you bring out. I wouldn’t mind a little Shirley Temple action (wait, that came out wrong…unless you’re talking about the drink) if “Bright Eyes” or “The Little Princess” falls under your radar. Baby Jane is obviously a must.

    Oh yeah! And it’s actually “to wHet your appetite” like you sharpen a knife, though I’m sure Bette Davis made you wet your pants a few times like she did all of us.


  4. Big Al says:

    This is great ! I love everything about this blog. I can’t wait to see more…………….


  5. Ruby Vixen says:

    Divine Decadence! Love it!


  6. I love it! I can’t wait for more!!!!


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